Via G. di Vittorio, 71/73 - 42046 Reggiolo (RE) - P.IVA 01691110355
Passion, quality, experience, design: hese are the attributes that uniquely identify Carlo Iotti Srla long-established company based in the Emilia region of Italy and renowned as a maker of chrome plated brass bathroom accessories and furnishings, characterized by expert craftsmanship and a manufacturing process that is strictly Made in Italy. In short, it is tradition that underpins the reputation of an enterprise built on more than 50 years activity in the field of bathroom furniture and furnishings. Founded originally by Carlo Iotti as IOTTI Mobili SpA, the company was reincorporated in 1996 as CARLO IOTTI Srl, when daughters Simona and Manuela joined the management team.

The new business grew quickly and strongly, thanks to Carlo Iotti's knowledge of the market and to the enthusiasm of his daughters, whose commitment and innovative spirit ensured that the new challenge was taken up energetically, and the profile of the brand consequently enhanced both domestically and on the main international markets. Today, Carlo Iotti Srl is able to count on an efficient distribution platform, with agents, customers and partners who over time have continued to express confidence in the brand, aware of the professionalism and propriety it represents, appreciating the superior product range and valuing the flexibility of the company in responding effectively and promptly to every need, connected both with sales and with delivery and after-sales services.